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[Updated] Community Concern about Care White Paper 'Cultural Hindutva and Islamophobia'

Update 16/11/2021:

As we didn’t get a reply or response from Massey University to our mail expressing our concerns, we have taken a democratic approach further to raise the issue with higher authorities and have written individual letters to Human rights commission from all our India/Hindu organisations to take up this issue and address our concerns. Subsequently we have raised an online public petition addressed to NZ parliamentarians requesting government’s intervention and seeking their cognition of our concerns so that these bigoted attacks could be curbed at the bud and necessary instruction could be given to Massey university to stop such publications in future in the name of academic freedom.


We are raising a collective voice against the targeting of Hindus and the promotion of Hinduphobia in New Zealand by Mohan J Dutta of Massey University with the full backing and support of the University under the guise of Academic freedom.

We have written a letter of protest to the University co signed and supported by 56 organisations across New Zealand.

Academic Rebuttal of the Narrative by Prof. Milind Sathye

Milind Sathye is a professor in the Faculty of Business, Government, and Law at the University of Canberra. He is regularly consulted by both Australian and foreign media and has recently appeared on Bloomberg Television, New York. India’s political economy is the topic of his interest. However he felt strongly enough to write a rebuttal to the misinformation and hate that was being circulated under the guise of Academic freedom. Read his rebuttal

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