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Coalition of Hindus of New Zealand (COHONZ) is a Charitable community services organization. It is a collective front of organizations of the Indian Diaspora with a common aim of serving the Hindu community and wider society at large.

COHONZ is non-political and focuses on working in the community in the areas of networking, education, social services, advocacy, spiritual culture, religion, and many more areas where there is a need to enhance the quality of life through proactive measures and coordinating to solve the issues in those areas of need through a collective approach.

COHONZ is also a voice of our community when it comes to Hindus and Hinduism and advocates for policies and practices that ensure the well-being of all people of New Zealand. In keeping with our guiding principles and Hindu teachings,  COHONZ  promotes dignity, mutual respect, and pluralism to ensure the well-being of Hindus and for all people and the country to thrive.

Our Vision

To protect & promote the wellbeing of all Hindus and work for purposes that are beneficial to the Hindu community in New Zealand by raising awareness and better understanding about the Hindu philosophy, principles, practices, and traditions of Hindu Dharma in New Zealand.

To facilitate, hold and convene programs, meetings, discussions, community gatherings, classes, discourses, symposiums, seminars, and lectures to promote and enhance the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the principles of Hindu philosophy and religious practices.

To network, establish, and support activities in the Hindu community to achieve better social outcomes and to promote younger generations to reconnect to the ancient and eternal values of Hindu Dharma & To encourage the participation of new Hindu/Indian migrants in activities that will help them to assimilate faster & better in New Zealand.

To promote & support the togetherness and connectedness of Hindu/Indian organizations for better understanding and to improve the relationship between various Hindu/Indian organizations to cultivate, promote, foster, and develop the advancement of knowledge in Indian languages, literature, and culture within the community in New Zealand. 

To monitor legislation and other measures including policies that affect the interests of the Hindu community throughout New Zealand and advocate appropriate action as and when required to integrate the efforts of Hindus to represent and act on behalf of the Hindu community on policy matters and delivery of services by both private and authorized government agencies.

To participate actively in the development of a culturally pluralistic and socially cohesive society in New Zealand and remain strictly non-political and non-partisan in the promotion of Hindu Dharma. 


Our Logo

Our logo is a graphic expression of the ancient and eternal Hindu Dharma, represented by ‘Om’, shining in our New Zealand, which experiences the first sunrise, represented by the rising sun.

The foundation of shapes and colours represents the plurality (Unity in Diversity) that is at the heart of Hinduism. It also represents the many sampradayas (traditions) that are an integral part of the Hindu way of life.

The silver fern in the logo represents the indigenous element of this beautiful country, New Zealand, that we call home.

समानी व आकूति: समाना हृदयानि व: | समानमस्तु वो मनो यथा व: सुसहासति ||

May our intentions and aspirations be alike, so that a common objective unifies us all.

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